Machining Equipment Matsuura introduces a scrapping bonus for used machines

Editor: Steffen Donath

Matsuura is introducing a scrappaging bonus for used machines when purchasing a new machining centre on 1 February. This promotion is valid for a period of three months in Germany and Austria.

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This old machining centre can pave the way to a newer model.
This old machining centre can pave the way to a newer model.
(Source: Matsuura)

“On the one hand, we would like to offer our hesitant customers and interested parties an additional incentive to buy our machines, and on the other hand, we are naturally creating space for new things. Because often enough, the machine halls are full of contaminated sites that occupy potential production areas. Our customers can save a maximum of 30,000 euro," says Bert Kleinmann, managing director of Matsuura Machinery GmbH.

From 1 February to 30 April, the German Matsuura subsidiary will therefore pay a scrapping premium for all used machines when buying a new Matsuura machining centre.

The premium is calculated using a standardised formula which takes into account the price of a new machine, the age and condition of the used machine and the value of the new Matsuura machine. An expert Matsuura employee evaluates the actual condition of the machine to be disposed of on site.

When purchasing a medium-priced Matsuura machining centre, the premium for a 15-year-old used machine, which had a value as new of 250,000 euro and is in good condition, is 15,000 euro, the company explains.

The scrapping premium is then offset against the purchase price of the new Matsuura machining centre. Payment and organisation of the pick-up as well as the professional disposal is also included in the action package.

Matsuura hopes to incentivise hesitant buyers with its programme.
Matsuura hopes to incentivise hesitant buyers with its programme.
(Source: Matsuura)

The Matsuura scrappage bonus is a limited-time campaign in which used machines are taken in part exchange, regardless of age and manufacturer. All companies in Germany and Austria that purchase a new Matsuura machining centre can participate. The condition for this is that the used machine must be free of chips, oils, grease and cooling lubricants.

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