Components Limit switches offer a range of features

Editor: Eric Culp

The devices have been designed specifically for tool and mould applications.

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The products are to be available from stock after the start of Euromold, the company said.
The products are to be available from stock after the start of Euromold, the company said.
(Source: Meusburger)

Meusburger has extended its product range with limit switches, proximity switches and matching accessories that will be available from stock as of the start of the Euromold fair, the company said.

Among the new items there are two different limit switches (E6500 and E 6505) with aluminium housings for non-contact scanning of ejector sets. While their function is the same, their design is different, Meusburger said. It noted that the advantage of E 6505 is that only horizontal machining of the clamp plate has to be carried out, while the E 6500 limit switch is designed for vertical mounting. The maximum operation temperature for both limit switches is 120C.

The high-grade proximity switches are said to be available with cylindrical and rectangular design. Cylindrical proximity switches are provided with a thread M8x1 and either a connector or a cable. According to the company, they serve the scanning of ejector sets or for monitoring slides and core pullers. Rectangular limit switches are provided with a cable for connection. Owing to their compact design, these types of limit switches (E 6555 / E 6560) are mainly used for core pullers and slides, Meusburger said. According to the company, their advantage is non-contact, thus wear-free, scanning. The maximum operation temperature is quoted at 100C depending on the design.

Moreover, the company said it also offers accessories including matching cables (E 6600 / E 6615) for limit and proximity switches as well as the adjusting unit (E 6590) which can be integrated into the ejector set in order to enable perfect adjustment of the limit switches.