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Mar 7, 2016

Jongen UNI-MILL Tangential Milling Cutters Type FP T09

Jongen UNI-MILL tangential milling cutters Type FP T09 for highest productivity and smooth machine running

The step- and face milling system Type FP T09 convinces by a quiet and smooth machine running with highest productivity and precision.

Application area covers step- and face milling through to full slot milling and contour milling almost of all common materials.
Soft and smooth machine processing is provided by a very positive geometric design, positive rake angle and as well positive axial angle of inclination.

A highly secure mode of working procedure is guaranteed due to tangential fitting position.

The 4- effective cutting edge inserts ensure a depth of cut ap up to 9mm.

The inserts T09G are completely ground with edge radius and plane chamfer. These inserts are suitable for roughing and finishing as their integrated trailing chamfer produces excellent surface quality. New cutting materials of HC and XC- quality are used here for the first time. These consist of finest grain hard metal quality and new power nitride coating; they are particularly suitable for machining stainless steels and high-alloy materials.

In addition, a precision sintered insert with ground supporting surface will be available from November. This insert type FP T09P is suitable for roughing.

The milling system includes step-shell type mills in regular and close pitch within diameter ranges of 40-125 mm and 75°-face-shell type mills in regular pitch within diameter ranges of 40-100 mm.

Multi-tooth milling cutters are available as shell type milling cutters made to DIN 8030-A in regular pitch within diameter ranges of 50 and 63mm, as well as shank type mills with clamping shank made to DIN 1835-B in regular pitch with diameter of 40 mm.

All tools are equipped with bores for internal coolant supply.