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Joke Technology is dedicated to achieving perfection in surfaces.

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Eneskasonic, Joke’s latest intelligent and ultrasonic system weighs, only 140 gm.
Eneskasonic, Joke’s latest intelligent and ultrasonic system weighs, only 140 gm.
(Source: Joke Technology)

The company’s highlight at Formnext is Eneskasonic, Joke Technolgy's latest intelligent ultrasonic system for lapping and polishing applications, particularly in the fields of eroding and punching.

The system has been further developed to have more power and it now also comes in an elegant design. It is ideal for workpieces with complex geometries, allowing for extremely precise edges, and also highly abrasive work with hard materials. Eneskasonic can be fully exploited with an output of 45 watts and is versatile in its use.

For polishing and lapping tasks, Eneskasonic works within a frequency range of 20 to 30 kHz. Weighing only 140 g, it is easily adjustable, which is an advantage in daily use. It allows for ergonomic and fatigue-free work, even when finest stock removal is required.

Eneskasonic’s LED-supported display shows various operating parameters and settings. The system can also determine the correct frequency for the clamped tools automatically thanks to its new Tune function. Workpieces can thus be processed better in depth. Ceramics-fibre files do not need to be shortened and can be optimally used at any length, Joke notes. This provides longer service life and accurate stock removal. A boost mode is now available for power-intensive, extra abrasive work with sintered diamond files, which are all applicable at full power. Furthermore, a cooling system integrated in the control prevents the powerful electronics from overheating.

Check out Eneskasonic at Joke's booth (Hall 11.0, Booth B41) at Formnext.

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