On-demand part production Instant quoting for CNC machining services

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The international provider of parts manufacturing services, Quickparts, has announced an update to its customer portal. This update includes new features such as an instant quote option for CNC machining projects.

Quickparts redefines its customer portal and introduces instant quoting for CNC machining services.
Quickparts redefines its customer portal and introduces instant quoting for CNC machining services.
(Source: Quickparts)

Recognising the ongoing changes in the manufacturing industry, Quickparts has added the CNC Machining Instant Quote service to its existing 3D Printing Instant Quote service and the Request for Quote (RfQ) service for other manufacturing technologies. This is part of Quickparts' efforts to offer a wide range of manufacturing services to meet the diverse needs of its customers.

The updated portal offers services such as CNC machining, 3D printing and other conventional manufacturing methods such as vacuum casting, investment casting and sheet metal working. It is designed to meet the needs of customers who require precision prototypes or production-ready parts.

The revamped Instant Quote customer portal has a user-friendly design that simplifies the navigation process for users to explore 3D printing and CNC machining options and upload files for quotes on Quickparts' other manufacturing services.

Material offerings now include newer 3D printing materials. There are more than ten material choices for both SLA and SLS instant quotes, and more than 15 types of plastics, metals and alloys have been added to the CNC instant quote options.

The latest encryption and privacy measures have been implemented to protect customer data and intellectual property.


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