Customised cutting solutions Inovatools presents “First Choice” for drilling holes

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Tool manufacturer Inovatools supports the metalworking industry with a wide range of tools for a variety of cutting challenges. With its First Choice, the tool specialist is now giving users the opportunity to find high-performance tools for their specific cutting requirements quickly and easily.

With Inovatools First Choice, the tool specialists from Kinding are making it easy to quickly identify the tailor-made tool for each customer’s specific cutting requirements.
With Inovatools First Choice, the tool specialists from Kinding are making it easy to quickly identify the tailor-made tool for each customer’s specific cutting requirements.
(Source: Inovatools)

With its tools in the “First Choice” category, Inovatools offers customised tools for various cutting jobs. “To help you find what you are looking for quickly when searching for a tool that is optimized for your application, Inovatools has preselected a number of top products and marked them as special recommendations,” says Nilüfer Cebic, marketing manager at Inovatools. “Among other things, this is a quick and easy way for users to find the advanced geometries and technologies that are most suitable for them.”

The company uses ultra-fine-grain carbide for the relevant everyday cutting application to set the stage for a long and successful drill life. Inovatools VHM drills maintain their performance thanks to precise adaptations to the application and the material to be machined in terms of carbide metal, geometry, chip control and clearance and high-performance coating. Defined edge preparation ensures even better resilience and performance over long service lives. State-of-the-art grinding technology guarantees incredibly precise results from cutting and grinding processes. As Cebic says: “This means that our VHM drills are often much more powerful and efficient than competitor products in a wide range of applications. Ultimately, our tools help users to reduce production times and deliver top surface quality. Tool and machinery costs are reduced as a result.”

Inovatools First Choice drills undergo extensive endurance testing, and their designs are optimized for all common materials.

As the First Choice for aluminum, non-ferrous metals and plastics, for example, Inovatools recommends VHM high-performance twist drill with internal cooling, 5 x D, with four-surface grinding (item no. 706). The zirconium nitride (ZrN) coating offers excellent resistance to abrasive wear and is used especially for machining aluminum alloys and titanium. It is also a wise choice for machining non-ferrous metals and, for example, drilling plastics.

Inovatools offers First Choice drills for steel and cast iron in 3 x D, 5 x D, 8 x D and 12 x D. The conical surface makes the drill resistant to high mechanical loads. The TiAlN coating provides high protection against wear. According to Cebic, the little design details are easy to see in practice in terms of how they affect performance and service life.


High performance in stainless steel

Hardness, outstanding mechanical and thermal capacity and excellent corrosion resistance are what give stainless steel and its alloys their exceptional functional properties. This is why these materials are used to manufacture industrial components in many areas. Drilling in tough stainless steel with high levels of edge zone hardness and high temperatures in the engagement zone demands a lot from the tools used. If the geometry, chip control, coating and cooling are not perfectly matched to the application or material in question, quality and cost-effectiveness can soon go out of the window. Inovatools First Choice drills (item numbers: 751, 752, 753, 3 x D, 5 x D, 9 x D – with or without internal cooling depending on version) with four-surface grinding are optimised to the applicable requirements and deliver top-class results with specific cutting and cooling strategies.

The large groove cross-sections with an extremely smooth finish guarantee the best possible chip evacuation from the contact zone. The special, smooth Varocon coating not only aids the swift removal of chips and, in turn, heat from the machining zone but also makes the Inovatools drills highly resistant to temperature and wear. This is why the tools have long service lives. The special design of the tool means that it runs smoothly even at significant drilling depths. This allows users to pick up the pace quite substantially, achieving higher feed rates than with conventional VHM drills while keeping axial force and cutting pressure low.


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