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Husky to launch interactive, digital platform where attendees can ‘Experience Husky’ like never before

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Husky aims to bring its experts and innovations to your homeoffice in 2021.
Husky aims to bring its experts and innovations to your homeoffice in 2021.
(Source: Walling (Unsplash))

Husky Injection Molding Systems is launching Experience Husky — a two-day interactive, digital experience where attendees will have the opportunity to explore an exciting agenda full of insight, collaboration and learning highlighting the various markets that Husky serves. Taking place from 13 - 14 January 2021, attendees will have the opportunity to engage and network with Husky experts and fellow industry leaders from all around the world.

“While Covid-19 has affected our ability to communicate with one another face-to-face, it has also certainly accelerated our shift to digital experiences. Especially during these unprecedented times, we feel it is vitally important to connect with both existing and prospective customers to be as responsive as possible and to continue a mutual dialogue about what they need to be successful and competitive,” said John Galt, Husky’s President and CEO. “Our upcoming virtual Experience Husky platform is an extension of our ongoing initiatives to integrate digitalisation into every aspect of our operations, for the purpose of not only streamlining and automating our manufacturing processes, but to make interactions with customers faster and more convenient.”

The Experience Husky virtual platform will give attendees the opportunity to:

  • Gain valuable knowledge on how to thrive and adapt during Covid-19
  • Receive the latest business updates on how to be successful today and into tomorrow
  • Learn about cutting-edge technology developments to enable increased flexibility, productivity and adaptability
  • Get information on how to stay competitive by delivering on current market trends
  • Understand how to navigate and get ahead in today’s unprecedented global climate
  • Interact and view webinars, presentations and material delivered by Husky subject matter experts
  • Take a virtual tour of Husky campuses and locations around the world

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