Cloud-Based Monitoring How to digitalise the maintenance of industrial robots with a single app

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The specialists from 5th Industry and Wandelbots have combined their software developments in the field of robot maintenance to enable an end-to-end solution for industrial companies.

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App experts develop one-stop solution for cloud-based monitoring of robotics applications with Wandelbots.
App experts develop one-stop solution for cloud-based monitoring of robotics applications with Wandelbots.
(Source: 5th Industry)

The agnostic “Robot Fleet Monitor” from Wandelbots allows users to access robot-specific digital twins, visualisations and analyses to identify problems and increase the productivity of each robot cell. 5th Industry coupled this solution with their 5i.Maintenance app, which digitises the task of robot maintenance and provides real-time status updates to production workers. The result: a one-stop solution that allows the entire fleet of 6-axis industrial robots to be monitored from one place.

Wandelbots offers a vendor-independent software solution with its No-Code Robotic platform that makes it easy for users to work with industrial robots. The Robot Fleet Monitor software platform allows developers to build their software based on a hardware-agnostic framework that ensures mobile applications are applicable to all common robots.

Intelligent app teamed with software robotics platform

5th Industry combined the solution with its 5i.Maintenance app, which digitises the entire maintenance workflow in industrial companies — from the recording and processing of faults to subsequent evaluation. The faults can be registered by the employees or digitally directly via the robots and machines.

The background to the collaboration was that the typical workflow for maintenance and repair in factories is usually still completely analogue. Tasks are reported manually, work reports are recorded on forms and then later entered into a system again manually. “This costs a lot of time, is not sustainable and, above all, makes the continuous improvement process more difficult, as the data from past malfunctions is often no longer available and can no longer be evaluated,“ says Sebastian Schumann, CTO at 5th Industry.

Robots independently report process interruptions

This is how the solution was created: Wandelbots provides a fleet manager that can be used to monitor an entire fleet of 6-axis industrial robots from one location. To do this, data is sent to the cloud via an edge device. This makes it possible to automatically determine whether, for example, an emergency stop, a process interruption has been triggered or a force limit has been exceeded. Fleetmanger helps to visualise and monitor the data. In case of exceedances, messages are sent e.g. via e-mail or Whatsapp. Fleetmanager has been linked to the maintenance management application 5i.Maintenance, so that robots can virtually report maintenance needs themselves without the need for manual input. “This is possible thanks to the clever use of the interfaces offered by our modern cloud solution,” says the CTO.

Everything at a glance — in one app

For employees in production and maintenance, this means: With a single app, they can access all maintenance-relevant processes. All error messages — whether recorded by robots, machines or employees — can be recognised at a glance and can be processed efficiently. Technical information such as maintenance plans or operating instructions can be accessed contextually directly from the app. And at any time from any location.

Digitalisation increases productivity and satisfaction — the factory of the future

“This is our vision of the factory of the future in the context of Industry 5.0: employees are relieved of manual, repetitive tasks — these tasks are taken over by intelligent software solutions. The efficient and simple interaction of humans with machine-generated data — in our example, fault messages from the robot — make it possible to leverage further productivity potential and increase employee satisfaction at the same time,” concludes 5th Industry Co-Founder Dr. Robert Harms.

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