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Source: LK IMM

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The injection moulding machines from LK IMM Europe are designed for the highest demands in terms of performance, precision and environmental protection. The company will provide an overview of its range at the upcoming K in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Servo hydraulic two-platen injection moulding machine Forza FA550T
Servo hydraulic two-platen injection moulding machine Forza FA550T
(Source: LK IMM)

In Hall 13, on Stand B 45, a Forza F550T (5,500 kN clamping force) — with a single-cavity mould — produces polypropylene pails (460 grams) in cycle times of less than 20 seconds. The all-electric Elettrica EL130T (1,300 kN) shows its performance in high-speed production of precise plug-in bricks for the toy industry with a 16-cavity hot runner mould. The cycle time is specified as less than ten seconds. The injection moulding machines, which are intended for technologically ambitious industries, are characterised by a maximum of process-relevant metering and control technology from Germany and its neighbouring countries. As a result, the user can rely on control and regulation technology that meets the current requirements for high reliability, safety and convenience. The German hydraulic pump technology in use at Forza ensures high efficiency and precision. Remote maintenance is carried out via Keplast Servicenet.

The highly efficient all-electric drive is based on international performance standards and state-of-the-art technology. The main qualities include good stability, fast response, energy savings (95 percent yield) for environmental protection, very high repeat ac-curacy and simple operation. With no hydraulic oil or oil vapours, no sealing problems and no annoying noise, it is absolutely suitable for use in cleanroom production facili-ties. The "footprint" of this advanced IMM is surprisingly modest.

Even more: parallel movements — by means of individual servo motors — reduce the cycle times. Synchronous multi-axis movements, ejector and metering functions, for example, reduce the dry cycle time of the smallest Elettrica to less than two seconds. Highly sensitive load cells for injection pressure monitoring and high-frequency control processors enable a fast response to stable control of the injection and filling process and the holding pressure phase. The overall advantage for the user: higher productivity at lower unit costs.

The functional expandability of the Elettrica in conjunction with the ergonomic design concept is aimed at efficient operation and uncomplicated maintenance. The control panel can be rotated in several viewing directions. An open platform operating system is available for intelligent networking, user-friendly programming and convenient au-tomation.

The K 2022 exhibition programme also features the Forza F550T two-platen machine. This series of advanced IMMs is available with clamping forces from 4,500 to 70,000 kN). With its entire product range, LK IMM meets the demands of established markets and growth regions for maximum precision “fast and right from the start”, the lowest possible energy consumption and an attractive price/performance ratio — especially in the automotive, food & packaging, medical/pharmaceutical, optics, white goods, electrical/electronic, household appliance and toy industries. In the heavy IMM sector, the economical production of pails, large containers, transport boxes and pallets plays an important role. The machine is designed as a particularly compact unit. Due to its multifunctional process capability, it is ideally suited to the requirements of, for example, automotive component production. It delivers outstanding performance in all cycle phases — even in start-up mode. The use of servo pump technology and the electric drive lead to energy savings in harmony with high injection performance and accuracy.


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