Emil Otto Flux cover provides surface protection

Editor: Briggette Jaya

The PFS-001 flux cover developed by Emil Otto protects the surfaces of component connections.

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The PFS-001 flux cover is immediately available in 100-g packs.
The PFS-001 flux cover is immediately available in 100-g packs.
(Source: Emil Otto Flux- u. Oberflächentechnik)

Germany-based manufacturer and developer of high-quality fluxing agents says its latest PFS-001 flux cover is an aqueous, milky liquid, which is used to coat the surfaces of component connections, and as such, provide reliable and solderable security.

Markus Geßner, marketing and sales manager at Emil Otto says: “We have proven in various experiments that the PFS-001 flux cover withstands, among other things, the gas, sulphur dioxide (SO2). The Cu surface of the specimen showed no traces of attack and the subsequent solderability test was concluded with very good results.” Geßner added that especially with components that are difficult to get wet, like in the case of THT components with nickel-brass pins, the flux cover ensures good soldering results. Moreover, the flux cover is compatible with all Emil Otto fluxing agents.

The company explained that the coating of component connections should preferably be carried out by immersing the connections in the flux cover. If the components are mounted immediately after the coating process, they can be processed directly. In automatic assemblies, however, subsequent drying is necessary. The following wave soldering process can then be performed as usual, i.e., the selected parameters normally need no alterations.

If the coated parts are not processed immediately but stored, the coatings must be dried immediately and completely before storage. Only then is the adhesion of dirt or other materials prevented. Depending on the quantity of surface protection applied, a 15-minute drying time at 120°C is sufficient, as the practice shows. Subsequent storage at room temperature should then be alright. Coated components taken out of storage can be processed without any further pre-treatment. Also, the viscosity of the flux cover is adjustable with the addition of the EO special thinner, PFS-V / WB. The flux cover is immediately available in 100-g packs.

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