Traceability Cumsa introduces new remote date stamp

Editor: MA Alexander Stark

Spain — To ensure traceability of moulds, date stamps are applied on the mould cavity. Cumsa has now expanded its range of date stamps with a high degree of precision and possibility to change many moulds quickly.

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The new remote data stamps ensure high precision.
The new remote data stamps ensure high precision.
(Source: Cumsa)

The latest addition to Cumsa's portfolio of date stamps is the first manual data stamp on the market that allows users to see the indication externally. What ‘s being shown on the control unit is molded on every part, thus allowing for real-time production markings to be applied. The new date stamps are clean room enabled because there is no parting line manipulation needed to change the date stamps. This prevents dust from entering the mould. Since no screwdrivers are needed to change the date stamp, scratches on the cavity are avoided.

Cost savings can be achieved due to the speed the date stamp indication can changed with: It takes a maximum of ten seconds to change the date stamp indication; one person can change many moulds quickly. The precise positioning of the stamp avoids misaligned markings with a arrow pointing between two numbers. The high contrast of the engraving makes it suitable for aesthetic and thin walled parts.

The stamps are available in two different dimensions (diameter 8 and 12 mm), with four different engravings (3 shifts, 31 days, 12 months and 10 years), and two engraving styles.

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