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Editor: Steffen Donath

3D printing is just the start. After the printing process, postprocessing is necessary. Joke presented its new system for protection during postprocessing at Formnext.

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Managing Director Udo Fielenbach is delighted with the result: “There is no other product of its kinds that offers this high level of flexibility, protection and ergonomics”.
Managing Director Udo Fielenbach is delighted with the result: “There is no other product of its kinds that offers this high level of flexibility, protection and ergonomics”.
(Source: Joke)

Professional protection during postprocessing — the name for the new system solution from Joke Technology is Eneska Postpro! What it means is a dense, completely enclosed work area, equipped with electrical and pneumatic tools as well as powerful suction devices.

Whether remains of powder, the substrate material or support medium needs to be removed, the surfaces smoothed or finishing carried out, with the Eneska Postpro, the widest array of processing stages can be completed, Joke explains. Its interior of just less than one square metre provides enough space for even the largest printing plates. Various electric and hydraulic tools for deburring, milling, grinding or polishing are driven by integrated control units. Three different micromotors can currently be connected simultaneously. The connections are compatible with the Eneska series handpieces. Various accessories can also be used, such as a turntable or magnetic clamping ball.

Increasing emphasis is being placed and must be on safety and occupational protection in the rapid development of additive manufacturing processes. Powder elimination, support removal and surface finishing release residual powders and dusts that may be respirable, irritating to the skin and sometimes even highly explosive. The standard of safety during manual postprocessing is inadequate in many companies, Joke elaborates. Protective suits are often only worn during individual working stages and are of no help against the risk of deflagration. Some deburring boxes are better than protective goggles, which do not retain the dusts. The Eneska Postpro makes it possible to carry out all working stages without any contact with the materials or fine dusts — which means greater safety for both user and company.


The respirable dusts released during postprocessing are implicated among other aspects in cancerous and cardiovascular diseases. This is why the Eneska Postpro is completely encased and enclosed. It is equipped with suitable, safe extraction and filtering devices. No dust can escape from its working area. There is an approximately ten-second post-suction phase before the unit can be opened — only then is the glass dome unlocked and the finished workpiece can be removed.

Particularly with reactive substances such as titanium or aluminium, explosions and fires may occur simply through friction of individual particles. The Eneska Postpro is therefore completely earthed to prevent spark discharge. An integrated moisture separator is optionally available for particularly reactive substances. The extraction system achieves an impressive output of 410 m³/h and its suction power is further enhanced by the side channel compressor. In addition, a compressed-air gun and a suction arm assist cleaning in more concealed corners. The fine dusts from gaps in a workpiece can therefore be removed without any risk of explosion.

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