Components Unbeatable duo for practical small series

Editor: Rosemarie Stahl

For modern components for tool and mould making it is not enough to just do their job. Nowadays they have to fulfill a number of requirements. A co-operation between Hasco and a Danish customer was able to proof that two particular components from Hasco go this extra mile.

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Hasco's small series mould K3600/… in combination with CMS A8500/…
Hasco's small series mould K3600/… in combination with CMS A8500/…
(Source: Hasco)

With the Duo Clever Mold System (CMS) A8500/… and the small series mould K 3600/…, Hasco enables its customers to save time and money in the production of small series.

The Hasco Clever Mold System A8500/... is an efficient and variable mould system for injection moulding machines. It encompasses all the components of a classic mould unit, so that the customer need only focus on the cavity and ejector plate systems.


The A8500/... mould system is fastened to the machine with just four screws on each side, ensuring that it can be rapidly switched between machines. Infinitely variable clamping bars ensure that moulds of different sizes can be readily exchanged.

The small series mould K3600/… incorporates all the elements of relevance to the cavity. The standard component package encompasses the cavity plates, ejector package and corresponding accessory components. It is available in four different mould sizes in the materials 1.2767 and Toolox 33; other sizes and materials can be supplied on request.

Since the small series mould does not require centring on the machine, several cavities, each with their own gating position, can be placed in a mould. For articles with an identical mass and colour, setup times of less than 5 minutes can be achieved.

For the small series mould that goes with the CMS, the plate dimensions and thicknesses, the system diameter, the hole spacing and the bore packages have been adopted from the classic Hasco K-range. Thus allowing each Hasco K3600/… to be made into a “normal” injection mould tool should production demand exceed expectations, freeing up the A8500 for future product development.

The advantages of the new mould philosophy