NSK America Corporation Ultrasonic polisher

Editor: Steffen Donath

NSK America Corporation has upgraded its Ultrasonic Polisher with the advanced-performance Sheenus Zero.

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New ultrasonic polisher
New ultrasonic polisher
(Source: NSK America)

The Sheenus Zero quickly removes hard layers of EDM deposits and polishes difficult areas such as complex corners and ribs. It can be used for deburring, grinding and polishing on ferrous and non-ferrous materials.

For operator control and comfort, the Sheenus Zero provides variable amplitude between 19 - 29 kHz per second and produces minimal hand vibration. Conveniently portable and easy to maneuver, the Sheenus Zero controller weighs just 3 lb 5 oz, or 29 % less than NSK’s previous ultrasonic polisher. The resin body handpiece, lightweight and ergonomically designed, enables effortless, precision work over long periods of time. To allow continuous, uninterrupted use, the Sheenus Zero features a heat protection function that detects abnormally high heat and automatically suppresses output to prevent temperatures from rising, as the company explains.