Blechexpo 2021 Standard parts for toolmaking

Editor: MA Alexander Stark

The standard parts specialist Fibro is showing product innovations for toolmaking at Blechexpo in Stuttgart, including the Polystrip stripper unit, the electric transporter for the removal of solid materials such as stamped and waste parts and the second generation of Wireless Pressure Monitoring (WPM), as well as new products from the group of slide gates.

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The new slider series 2016.26 — especially designed for the requirements of press tools used for the production of smaller and medium quantities.
The new slider series 2016.26 — especially designed for the requirements of press tools used for the production of smaller and medium quantities.
(Source: Fibro)

On the one hand, the Fibro is showcasing the new 2016.26 wedge gate valve series, the top gate valves for low-volume applications at Blechexpo. On the other hand, the company is presenting their new configuration options for the 2016.15 series of premium bottom gate valves, such as the addition of a mounting plate, which is available on request,. Fibro also states it has optimised the 2016.24 series, the premium top section slider for high-volume applications; these sliders are now designed to be even more assembly-friendly. The 2017.43 series roller gate valves are now available as complete assembly items. The end position can be measured by means of an optionally available sensor system. In addition to the sliders for a wide range of applications, Fibro also offers a service: the CAD data for all sliders can be downloaded easily, conveniently and at any time online.

More compact design due to the new scraper unit

The Polystrip wiper unit prevents damage and deformation to the sheet metal part during punching. The bronze wiper bush also prevents unwanted silicone deposits on outer skin parts. Fibro's stripper unit offers the particular advantage that the stripper unit does not protrude beyond the retaining plate, it says. The compact design also allows the cutting elements to be arranged in the smallest possible space. In addition, the scraper unit can be replaced easily and efficiently when installed. The Polystrip stripper unit is suitable for hole operations that are carried out with sliders.

Guide elements — not only for mould and tool making

Fibro will also be presenting high-precision guide columns at the trade fair stand. The guide columns and bushes are now manufactured in three finer tolerance classes. This makes it possible to achieve precisely defined guide clearances for sliding guides or different preloads for ball guides — optimally suited to the customer's application and easily reproducible at any time, according to the company. In addition to the precision rolling guides (ball, roller and needle roller), the precision sliding guides (carbonitrided sintered iron, bronze-coated) and the sliding guides (bronze-plated, with solid lubricant rings or solid lubricant nests), sliding guides with sintered sliding layer in many new designs now complement the already extensive portfolio.

Next generation of the monitoring system

Fibro has expanded the functions of the monitoring system for gas springs in cutting, punching and forming tools with the second generation of Wireless Pressure Monitoring (WPM). This is made possible by the new IoT gateway, digital I/O, relay contacts, OPC-UA, Ether CAT and Profinet: the gateway in the second generation of the WPM offers these options for connection to the press control. The sensors use Bluetooth to transmit data to the web-based gateway, which establishes a connection to the customer's end devices either via Wifi or LAN. For the configuration of the data holders and sensors, separate software is not required as before. In addition, there is a connection to the cloud or the operator's company network via OPC-UA or MQTT. This makes it possible to query sensor data from each individual gas pressure spring in the forming tool from any point in the company network. In addition, an e-mail function of the gas spring monitoring can be realised. This enables the WPM to proactively send a notification to one or more responsible users if a threshold value is exceeded or not reached. The algorithms in the new WPM are also able to evaluate data for process control and preventive maintenance. This enables the software to independently predict at what point in the future a threshold value will be exceeded or undershot. This helps users to identify and schedule maintenance requirements in good time — unplanned downtimes are thus minimised. However, the possible applications of the WPM are not limited to sheet metal processing. The application can be used wherever pressure and temperature monitoring is necessary and useful, for example in nitrogen cylinders or hydraulic systems. This makes Industry 4.0 feasible in further areas of production.

More efficiency thanks to electric transporter

The electrically driven and patented transporter is designed for parts transport, waste disposal and sorting of solid materials such as punched and waste parts in production. With low energy consumption, stepless speed control, reduced noise and the elimination of the compressed air line, it not only increases efficiency but also leads to an improvement in the working environment. The standard version of the electric transporter (Black Line) is particularly suitable for the automotive industry and metal processing. The extension (Clean Line) was specially developed for hygiene-sensitive areas such as in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

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