Overmoulding Speedpart presents customisable small series production in injection moulding

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From 13 to 16 June, Messe Stuttgart will once again be staging the Moulding Expo. With almost 400 exhibitors, the international trade fair offers the top manufacturers all about innovative processes and services in the field of tool, model and mould making. Speedpart from Hasloch/Main will also be there and will be presenting its innovative mould making process complemented by 3D printing.

You can order your personalised apple box free of charge from Speedpart on stand 1B75 at the Molding Expo in Stuttgart.
You can order your personalised apple box free of charge from Speedpart on stand 1B75 at the Molding Expo in Stuttgart.
(Source: Speedpart)

Individualising series production: Actually a contradiction in terms, yet Speedpart can offer it, thanks to its own mould making and 3D printing solutions. With their process, the individualised parts are produced by 3D printing, inserted into the injection moulding machine and then overmoulded. In this way, individualised parts are possible from a batch size of 1. On the one hand, this enables the production of parts that are identical as a series but can still be numbered or coded. This process is interesting for various applications in electrical engineering for plug connections or in the automotive industry. Speedpart already offers this service for one-piece injection moulded parts, small quantities or in series of up to 100,000 pieces.

At Speedpart, the combination of metal laser sintering (DMLS) and CNC production is the fast way from the CAD data set to the injection mould. A major advantage of DMLS at Speedpart is that moulds can be produced in tool steel without the limitations of classic machining processes: Internal channels for optimised mould tempering can increase the quality of the injection moulded parts and also shorten the cycle times on the injection moulding machine. Sintering of bionic trusses, free forms and fine details allows new design freedoms. Undercuts, e.g. for elastomer moulds, are sintered directly.

Thanks to the finest layers from 20 μm and wall thicknesses from 0.5 mm, the finest details and good surfaces are possible, which only require minor finishing. The desired finish is carried out by Speedpart specialists in precision work on the workbench, on the CNC machine or with special polishing systems.


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