AM Software Software license: Intech Additive Solutions partners with Machine Works

Source: Press release

UK — Intech Additive Solutions partners with and licenses Polygonica from Machine Works to enhance their Metal 3D Printing Ecosystem.

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Intech offers a comprehensive range of metal 3D printers.
Intech offers a comprehensive range of metal 3D printers.
(Source: Intech)

Intech is home to a comprehensive range of Metal 3D Printers — iFusion SF1, iFusion MF, and iFusion LF along with its build preparation software, AM Builder, and parameter optimization software, AM Optomet. One of the main issues regularly faced in metal printing is compensating for part deviations that occur during the print process. Machine Works’ Polygonica has a number of advanced mesh algorithms that help AM Builder tackle this complex issue in a reliable and robust way. This ensures the successful build of the part with minimal deviations. Polygonica, with its extensive features, complements Intech’s Metal 3D Printing system.

“We are of course very pleased to announce that Intech is our second Polygonica customer in India. Moreover, we are very excited to be working with Intech. Their undoubted knowledge and experience in the metal additive industry will help the Polygonica team meet the ever more demanding requirements of handling DfAM geometries. We look forward to seeing the new developments in their future products,” said Dr. Fenqiang Lin, Managing Director of MachineWorks.

“At Intech, we are working hard to accelerate the adoption of metal printing in modern manufacturing by providing a complete end-to-end ecosystem, from design for additive manufacturing (DfAM), through printing, post-processing, and quality assurance. We’re striving to lower the cost of entry whilst improving reliability, throughput, and efficiency. Adding Polygonica’s world-renowned mesh algorithms to AM Builder was an important step for us, and we also plan to introduce new and innovative software powered in part by the Polygonica engine,” commented Murari Venkataraman, VP of Operations at Intech Additive Solutions.

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