Six-step program for increasing manufacturing output

Six step action plan to boost your manufacturing business

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This white paper presents a repeatable action plan to help machine shops evaluate and improve their manufacturing business while making sure their CAD/CAM software and machine tools are as efficient as possible.

This six-step plan covers the following strategies, how to use them, and why they are important:

1. Where to start
  • Evaluating your shop's needs, performance, and exsisting assets.
2. "Post and go" thinking
  • Standardising your processes and ensuring the post-processors communicating with your machines are optimised for confident, efficient machining.
3. Ingraining Technology
  • Committing to the technological advances that can come with a new workforce, and ensuring that you have a standard, continous cycle of process improvement.
4. Training as a tool
  • Ensuring that your software, hardware, and equipmen investments pay off quickly by making sure the workforce uses them to their full potential.
5. Maximising what you have
  • Researching the underused or underrecognised features of your software, hardware, and equipment to make your shop as porductive as possible.
6. Evaluate and adapt
  • Once going through the list, a shop should an annual schedule to revisit each question, make adjustments, and repeat the improvement cycle.

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Whitepaper Cover: Mastercam


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