Grindtec New automatic chamfering machine for series production

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Anton Wimmer Maschinenfabrik from Kaufering, Germany, will present its complete range of cut-off and chamfer grinding machines from small table machines to fully automatic machines at this year's Grindtec in Augsburg from 15 to 18 March 2022.

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Just in time for Grindtec, the latest Wimmer development, the FSA 383 fully automatic chamfering machine, will be presented.
Just in time for Grindtec, the latest Wimmer development, the FSA 383 fully automatic chamfering machine, will be presented.
(Source: Anton Wimmer)

The latest Wimmer development, the FSA 383 fully automatic chamfer grinding machine, will be presented in time for the Grindtec trade fair. The universal automatic machine grinds perfect chamfers on blanks and semi-finished products made of carbide, HSS and other hard materials in a diameter range from 3 to 25 mm. It specialises solely in this type of machining, which keeps process costs low and productivity high, according to the manufacturer.

With the modern Siemens control and the user-friendly machine programme, the chamfer angle in the range of 25 to 60°, the chamfer width, the grinding feed and the burn-out time can be continuously preset. The adjustable servo drive for the spindle feed, together with the precision guides and the ball screw, guarantees high positioning and repeat accuracy.

The grinding wheel is measured by a laser light barrier and wear is automatically compensated. The central lubrication prevents the moving parts from running dry and saves on maintenance.

The newly developed infeed and outfeed system reliably transports the workpiece from the magazine to the work area and back to the deposit area after grinding. The clamping device is sensor-monitored to prevent wheel and workpiece breakage and input errors.

The machine is completely enclosed. The electrical guard locking and the separate safety circuit guarantee high working and machine safety! The machine works with grinding oil or emulsion. The coolant is valve-controlled and flow-monitored. The feed switches off immediately if the coolant supply is interrupted. The optimised spray cooling on the tool ensures high working accuracy and a long service life of the grinding wheel.

Further novelties will be shown with the new semi-automatic cut-off machine TM 374 with Siemens control as well as with a high-volume loader for the fully automatic cut-off machine FT200.

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