Yamazaki Mazak Industry 4.0 in precision cutting and speed

Editor: Briggette Jaya

Yamazaki Mazak has announced the company's latest alternative CNC option for manufacturers who have standardised Siemens controls.

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Mazak's VTC-760C vertical travelling column machining centre features a Siemens 828D control.
Mazak's VTC-760C vertical travelling column machining centre features a Siemens 828D control.
(Source: Mazak)

The company says its VTC-760C vertical travelling column machining centre features a Siemens 828D control. According to Yamazaki Mazak, the travelling column design of the VTC-760C provides optimum machining flexibility, including dual load configuration. It has a compact footprint, along with a long X-axis stroke and large 2,300-mm fixed table that provides high stability. The machine is said to be very productive and is powered by a 12,000-rpm spindle as well as delivering rapid traverse rates of 42m/min in the X, Y and Z-axes.

The inclusion of the new Siemens control represents an entry into the commodity market, the 828D control panel being a mid-range CNC for turning and milling machine tools, the company notes. The 15.6” touchscreen display runs on Sinumerik Operate 4.7 and features a built-in Qwerty keyboard with USB and ethernet access.

The CNC benefits from a number of intelligent operations, including Shop-Mill, which automatically compiles machining-step programs to enable multiple clamping with fewer tool changes.


Moreover, a built-in, on-board maintenance planner is included, which facilitates easy integration of regular maintenance schedules into production. The control communicates in over 20 languages and can also be programmed to send text messages to operators, machine setters or service and maintenance technicians to provide alerts about tool life, availability of blanks and upcoming maintenance schedules. This machine is good for customers looking to integrate Mazak’s advanced machining solutions into their factory or machine cell as well as those who already have standardised Siemens operating systems.

The control is able to provide automatic feedback on a range of machine diagnostics, which can lead to reduced downtime and improved production efficiency. It also ensures that manufacturers adopting Industry 4.0 design principles can still harness operations with precision cutting and speed.

Another Mazak machine, the VTC-800/20SR, is equipped with an 18,000-rpm main spindle and delivers rapid traverse rates of 50m/min in the X, Y and Z-axes. It also comes equipped with an automatic tool changer with 30 tools as standard.

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