How to use CAM to make mould-making more efficient

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An effective CAM solution is essential for high-quality products and economic success. This white paper explains how a modern CAM software can solve challenging tasks in mould- and die-making efficiently.

The mould and die industry plays a key role in industrial production. The wide range of products available to consumers and the industry is a testament to its central importance. The wide range of possible geometries and different component properties present new challenges for mould- and die-makers each day. An essential tool to overcoming these challenges is the right CAM software. It can make the difference in labor-intensive and high-cost production processes.

In this white paper, you will find out:
  • How any mould and die can be programmed quickly and error-free
  • How to reduce machining and programming times
  • How to realise maximum precision and top-quality surfaces
  • How to increase productivity
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Whitepaper Cover: OPEN MIND Technologies AG


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