Custom-made components How mould makers can create their customised item

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Meusburger stands for standard parts. For its customers, this standard is the basis for sustainable and economically successful business. However, if standard is not enough, the standard parts manufacturer also offers many components in custom designs.

If standard is not enough, Meusburger also offers many components in custom designs.
If standard is not enough, Meusburger also offers many components in custom designs.
(Source: Meusburger)

Standard parts manufacturer Meusburger offers its products in both standard and custom designs. Customers can select a desired item from the shop and customize it by changing the standard dimensions in an editing screen. Products that can be customized include guiding systems, ejectors, support pillars, and other standard parts.

The company offers the following products in custom dimensions: guiding elements, inclined pins, support pillars, ejectors, insulation boards, locating rings, and high-temperature hoses. The customised dimensions are easily selected in a few clicks, and customers benefit from swift offer and order processing as well as high product quality.

For example, a standard ejector can be ordered in a custom length using the ejector configurator. After configuration, both the price and the 3D data are directly available. The customer receives the chosen length with a tolerance of 0/+0.02 mm and sees the price of the product directly. The 3D data is also automatically adapted to the chosen length of the ejector.

Insulation boards are also available not just in the desired width, thickness and length, but can also be produced according to a drawing. In the shop, all the specified drawing variants of our locating rings can be replaced with customised dimensions. On top of that, Meusburger also has the right product for a wide range of applications in the high-temperature range. In addition to our standard items, high temperature hoses can also be ordered in custom lengths in the shop.


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