Simulation Software Doosan chooses Module Works' cutting simulation technology

Editor: Alexander Stark

South Korea — Software component provider Module Works announced that Doosan Machine Tools has integrated their cutting simulation technology into their Sketch Turn product. The software replaces Doosan’s previous cutting simulation engine and is part of the group’s strategy to optimize the availability and effectiveness of machining information on the shop floor.

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Sketch Turn with integrated MW Cutting Simulation.
Sketch Turn with integrated MW Cutting Simulation.
(Source: Module Works)

Sketch Turn is a highly automated NC programming environment that assists operators in creating and editing machining programs for Doosan turning centers. The integrated Module Works simulation software enhances Sketch Turn with sophisticated stock removal verification for mill, turn and combined mill-turn applications. The graphic simulation and NC program are displayed next to each other on the Sketch Turn interface to enable operators to identify problems and conveniently edit the G-code.

The Module Works simulation provides automatic collision checking between the tool holder, tool shaft and workpiece. A full range of toolpath analysis tools for segment length/type, feed rate and height as well as detailed gouge and excess analyses allow toolpaths to be refined and optimized before machining. All this information is available directly in the Sketch Turn interface for fast and efficient G-code editing on the shop floor.

“We already use the Module Works Collision Avoidance System on our turning centers, so this latest cooperation is a natural continuation of our partnership”, says Kyungchul Kang, General Manager (Automation & Smart Factory) at Doosan Machine Tools. “Replacing our current simulation engine with Module Works Cutting Simulation takes Sketch Turn to the next level of development and furthers our strategy of creating a seamless flow of information on the shop floor for right first time machining.”

“Partnerships like this show the importance of working together to combine technologies and develop innovative solutions that take digital manufacturing a step further”, says Mark Foti, Head of Digital Factory at Module Works. It’s very rewarding to see how our technology helps Doosan to enhance their products and we look forward to the next developments in our technologies”.