DMG Mori DMG Mori takes a 30 percent stake in Intech

Editor: Briggette Jaya

To further boost its far-reaching global presence in metal additive manufacturing, DMG Mori announced at Formnext 2018 that it is taking a 30% stake in the Indian company, Intech.

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With DMG Mori taking a 30% stake in Intech, it will strengthen the company's global footprint in India.
With DMG Mori taking a 30% stake in Intech, it will strengthen the company's global footprint in India.
(Source: DMG Mori)

Additive manufacturing specialist Intech, a developer of software for additive manufacturing (AM), machine learning and artificial intelligence based in India, is considered a pioneer in metal 3D printing in the country. With it already supplying software solutions for DMG Mori's Laserstec SLM (selective laser melting) machines, other products and its customers using powder bed technology, the 30% stake will strengthen DMG's global footprint in India and accelerate DMG's innovation in AM, the company says.

Intech's new Optometsoftware automatically calculates optimal process parameters and simplifies programming, which results in markedly improved surface quality and reproducible component properties, DMG adds. This software can also be applied to other key technologies within additive manufacturing, such as directed energy deposition and binder jetting.

Christian Thönes, chairman of DMG's executive board, commented: “Right the first time is our motto, which means producing the first good part quickly. We are actively pushing ahead with integrated solutions along the whole generative manufacturing process chain."

With a workforce of over 60 software specialists and technology experts, Intech was founded in 2012. Apart from supplying innovative software solutions, it also additively manufactures prototypes for the aerospace, medical, automotive and toolmaking sectors as well as in mechanical engineering. The staff is said to have more than 30 years of metallurgical experience gained from the foundry business and having over 25 years of machining and quality control expertise.

Intech CEO Sridhar Balaram added: “Leveraging synergies is key and our collaboration with DMG Mori is a perfect fit of hardware and software.”