Wear Protection Diamond-coated wear parts for mass production

Source: Press release MA Alexander Stark

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Long since, diamonds — preferably polycrystalline synthetic diamonds (PCD) — have established themselves as abrasives or in machining. Why should diamonds as wear protection for tool and grinding machines be only available to a small, pro-active user group?

Selection of wear parts with PCD insert.
Selection of wear parts with PCD insert.
(Source: Lach Diamant)

At Grinding Hub in Stuttgart, Lach Diamant presented many ways to use diamonds as wear protection and to profit from its superior hardness.

Examples include centring tips, clamps for series use, steady rest blocks, prisms as well as bearing shells, templates, and guide rulers each either electroplated with diamond grit or tried and tested with polycrystalline diamond (PCD) for a long time.

In addition, PCD-tipped knives for plastic granulates and diamond-coated guide elements for the paper and printing industries have long been in use as the cost reducers par excellence.


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