Cumsa Cycle counter

Editor: Steffen Donath

The Cumsa Cycle counter displays on a 7-digit LCD screen, the total shots a mould produces. This unit also includes a partial counter which can be reset to zero at any time.

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Compact size of 50mm x 30mm x 28mm.
Compact size of 50mm x 30mm x 28mm.
(Source: Cumsa)

The partial counter allows for cycle counts between maintenance, while still having an indicator with your moulds total production. Uses a magnetic proximity sensor, so it does not suffer from wear, compared to other mechanical counters applied in high production tools. Electronic and powered by an easy to replace internal lithium battery, includes a digital memory that guarantees the stored information. The battery life is 3 years, even while working 24 h/7d.

Can withstand temperatures up to 60 °C (140 °F) and count up to 500 cycles/min, making it perfect for high-speed moulds.