Engineering Newcomer Challenge 2021 Creative Engineering Students Wanted: Cash in on Your Ideas!

Editor: Alexander Stark

Germany — For the 8th time in a row, Cadenas and partners call on students to submit their design ideas for a chance to win cash prizes.

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For the 8th time, students can submit their design ideas to win cash prizes.
For the 8th time, students can submit their design ideas to win cash prizes.
(Source: Public Domain / Pixabay )

This year, the Engineering Newcomer Challenge is once again on the lookout for the most innovative project designs in engineering and development. The design competition is arranged by Cadenas in collaboration with its partners Norelem Normelemente, Bundesarbeitskreis Fachschule für Technik, MDesign Vertriebsgesellschaft and two newcomers, Tenado and Zuken E3, who have joined the team of collaborators this year.

The competition is aimed at students from technical disciplines of universities and technical colleges to demonstrate their skills and present their innovative project designs created within their study work. The winners are rewarded with the Engineering Newcomer award as well as attractive cash prizes for both themselves and their institutions. On top of that, the winners have the chance to actually build their constructions for free using parts supplied by Norelem Normelemente.

The winners of the design competition can look forward to winning considerable cash prizes for themselves and their university or school. 1st place winners and their schools will receive € 2000, € 1000 for the 2nd place winners and the 3rd place winners will each be awarded € 500. Besides that, the Engineering Newcomer Challenge 2021 is the perfect opportunity for young inventors and engineers to obtain an award that will boost career opportunities for their future professional life.

The projects can now be uploaded here. The deadline for submitting projects is 31 July 2021. Photos, screenshots and descriptions of a project design from the field of engineering and development can be uploaded using the upload link. Students can receive extra points by uploading their project as a CAD & Step file under the category “Challenges/ Engineering Newcomer 2021”. The more likes a project gets, the bigger the chance of winning. But of course likes are not the main determining factor. There is a jury of experts who will judge the project designs based on the following aspects: originality, practical value, technological benefit, market potential, function, handling and technological implementation.

Which college has the most creative students?

Schools and colleges can gain twice the benefit through the participation of their students in the Engineering Newcomer Challenge 2021. They can earn points for submitted projects and winning teams. The leaderboard shows which school has the most innovative engineers-to-be at the end of each challenge. Whoever is in the lead at the end wins an additional prize of € 500 euros. Every submitted project is worth 1 point. Additionally, the schools can gain 10 points for first place, 6 points for second place and three points for third place in the competition.

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