Surface Treatment Chemical smoothing of laser-sintered components

Source: Press release

Speedpart has recently started offering a new process for the surface finishing of laser-sintered components: chemical smoothing, also known as vapour smoothing.

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Vapor Smoothing makes surfaces smooth, sealed and washable.
Vapor Smoothing makes surfaces smooth, sealed and washable.
(Source: Speedpart)

Founded in 1994, Speedpart has continuously developed and expanded since then. Initially focussed exclusively on stereolithography, The company now offers a comprehensive range of materials and processes in the field of additive manufacturing and rapid tooling. This diversity has been expanded to include chemical smoothing, also known as vapour smoothing. This is a new technology for surface finishing for laser-sintered components made of PA materials.

A chemical vapour bath is used to dissolve the surface of the parts, making it denser and sealing it. In this way, even components with complex geometries can be smoothed all around. This gives the components a high-quality appearance and improved mechanical properties.

In addition, chemical smoothing makes the surfaces more resistant to chemicals and liquids. Chemically smoothed components are washable and contribute to a reduction of bacteria due to the sealed surface.

These properties open up numerous new applications for 3D printing, both in the field of design and for industries with high hygiene standards, such as medical technology or food processing companies.

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