Safe mould assembly Anti-twist lock: Two surfaces for clear positioning

Source: Knarr Reading Time: 1 min

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The new anti-twist lock from Knarr features an ejector pin with a standardised, space-saving head shape that ensures its distinct position in the tool. Different surfaces on both sides allow mounting only in the exactly desired position and prevent the distortion of the ejector at the same time.

Knarr offers a new anti-twist-lock system.
Knarr offers a new anti-twist-lock system.
(Source: Knarr)

Knarr offers a new anti-twist-lock system that guarantees that assembly is only possible in one position. The space-saving head shape allows close positioning of two or more ejector pins. A circumferential bevel serves as pre-centring for easy and quick installation. The system is available as hardened (39111), DLC-coated (39111DLC), nitrided-oxidated (39414) as well as HSS version (39555). In addition to the standard diameters, the lush range of dimensions also includes intermediate dimensions for repair purposes. In varying gradations, the ejector pins are available directly from stock up to a length of 800 mm.

The advantages of a bi-lateral anti-twist lock can also be used with shouldered ejector pins. An HSS solution is offered as standard (396555), which provides even more wear resistance by means of its additional DLC coating (396599).

The original anti-twist ejector pin type is still an integral part of the portfolio. Incorrect assembly or twisting of the pin during ongoing production is ruled out by as many as three head surfaces. Round ejectors can be provided as hardened (VS37111), nitrated (VS37412) or DLC-coated (VS37999) types. Shouldered ejector pins with a three-surface anti-twist lock are offered in a hardened version (VS36111).


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