Innovation for mould makers Hasco’s Loc Check and Steamrunner awarded by Indian trade magazine

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In a competition held by the trade journal Modern Plastics India, Hasco India, which is based in Bangalore, was able to convince the jury with its new products in two categories.

Sreeshanth, Technical Sales Engineer / Mumbai and Rajnikant Patel, General Manager — India / Sri Lanka / UAE
Sreeshanth, Technical Sales Engineer / Mumbai and Rajnikant Patel, General Manager — India / Sri Lanka / UAE
(Source: Hasco)

The General Manager of Hasco India, Rajnikant Patel, received awards for two of the company’s products.

Fast localisation of moulds

The new Hasco Loc Check A5900/… makes it possible at any time to establish the location of a mould worldwide, wherever GSM network is available. With the GSM tracking, the location can be called up via an easy-to-use web interface. Maximum data security is guaranteed through the use of certified servers. A battery charge lasts for more than 3,000 transmission cycles, which, depending on the transmission frequency, corresponds to an operation period of up to three years. With a magnet attachment, the Loc Check A5900/... can be easily mounted directly on the mould.

Additive Manufacturing

The additive manufacturing technology offers maximum design freedom and breaks through the previous limitations in the design of hot runners. Developed with state-of-the-art technologies for innovative, future-oriented solutions, the Streamrunner stands out through its compact design, perfect balancing, particularly gentle passage of the melt and excellent colour change characteristics. Every Streamrunner is designed individually to deal with a particular task and is optimised on the basis of rheological simulations.


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