Cutting tools Flexible tool-coating system creates added value

Editor: Eric Culp

The modularity of a PVD coating unit makes it easy for tool grinders to apply coatings of their own design to custom tools.

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The CC800/9 unit can deposit coatings of thicknesses of 12 µm or more.
The CC800/9 unit can deposit coatings of thicknesses of 12 µm or more.
(Source: CemeCon)

Most cutting tools are coated after they are ground, to make them better able to withstand severe industrial demands. As industrial requirements vary widely, tool grinders need to apply various coatings designed for specific applications. CemeCon AG offers the CC800/9 family of modular coating systems for this purpose. These units incorporate flexible physical-vapour-deposition (PVD) technology and, when integrated into customers’ production lines, allow toolmaking companies to design their own coatings.

CemeCon offers expertise in the detailed compatibility requirements for the tool substrate, geometry and coating that must be understood during the design phase and met during grinding processes and is oriented toward fulfilling the needs of small and medium-sized precision grinding firms. The company can provide a fast, flexible coating service in its own factory, but it also supports customers wishing to add a coating system to the production line to produce their own tool coatings cost-effectively in-house. Its advanced technology extends from individual units to complete coating lines, and includes custom products.

Modular system to meet user demands

The core of the supplier’s system technology, the CC800/9 has a fully modular structure. It is the basis for several system variants and upgradable system configurations that CemeCon has developed for a variety of tasks. The technology is sufficiently flexible to allow batch sizes to be adapted to order volume. Efficient loading systems enable users to set up quickly and process batches of different sizes easily. Equally simply, systems and processes can be adjusted to suit the type and quantity of tools to be coated so as to ensure optimal coating results.

The CC800/9 Jet system is an apt choice for tool grinding companies processing relatively small batches. The smallest member of the family, it nevertheless, like the others, supports all coating applications, including smooth surfaces thanks to sputtering technology.

Via sputtering, CemeCon’s coating system can produce a broad range of coating structures. One finely tuned system can apply all PVD coating materials, including supernitride and diamond-like-carbon lubricant coatings, droplet free. Hard supernitride coatings thus applied feature high density, hardness and toughness and exhibit outstanding adhesion. Coatings can be deposited in thicknesses of 12 µm or more.

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A CemeCon system using high-power-impulse magnetron sputtering (HiPims) to increase ionisation—virtually all of the atoms of the coating source are excited—produces a coating displaying excellent adhesion and smoothness, which means higher performance capability for the coated tools.

System implementation is simple. Once requirements have been analyzed, the appropriate CC800/9-series coating technology is selected, followed by the necessary peripherals, such as cleaning, cooling or loading devices, to complete a turnkey coating centre.

CemeCon AG

Würselen, Germany

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