Machine Monitoring JPB Système launches productivity-enhancing I4.0 supported solution

Source: Press release MA Alexander Stark

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French automation expert JPB Système has announced the commercial availability of its Keyprod solution, engineered to enable manufacturers large and small and in any sector to reduce downtime by improving machine monitoring.

Key Prod is designed to enable manufacturers to reduce downtime by improving machine monitoring.
Key Prod is designed to enable manufacturers to reduce downtime by improving machine monitoring.
(Source: JPB Système)

The cloud-based Keyprod solution launched by JPB Système introduces an advanced level of digitisation to production environments, and is designed to connect, track and measure the effectiveness of all elements of the manufacturing process — including existing software, machinery and associated applications.

As a web-based solution, Keyprod works by providing a consolidated real-time vision of production operations to analyse different quality and performance indicators such as overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). By conveniently monitoring these indicators via a smartphone, table or PC, manufacturers can assess the different causes of machine downtime, take steps to correct and anticipate the various problem areas and reduce future stoppages. In some cases, feedback from initial users indicates that use of Keyprod can deliver an OEE of up to 15 percent, the company states.

For manufacturers, this results in improved capability to enhance day-to-day production performance and, hopes JPB Système, will empower those companies seeking to embrace intelligent manufacturing and the Industry 4.0 revolution.

The company has developed Keyprod to operate in conjunction with a compact and wireless hardware solution that feeds it the necessary KPI data such as OEE and TEEP to analyse and process. Installed quickly, easily and directly onto the exterior of production equipment via magnetisation, this non-intrusive touch-screen device gives manufacturers access to continuous real time analysis of the machine’s operating status to identify productivity drops, by analysing vibrations. This insight into machine performance enables users to respond to any issue directly and better understand the respective causes in order to respond to future trends.

Two ergonomic versions of the Keyprod-linked companion hardware solution have been created to suit the different requirements of users. The first, Keyvibe, is an entry-level option geared towards supporting those manufacturers whose level of production automation may still be developing. In such cases, the company expects Keyprod to deliver rapid and tangible productivity improvements.

Leveraging AI for even greater visibility

For medium-sized and larger companies with typically more established levels of automation and larger series production runs, a second and more advanced version of the same hardware solution has been created to deliver the same benefits but with increased functionality to offer even greater visibility. Using artificial intelligence, the company’s Keynetic solution monitors production orders in real time and automatically counts, for example, the number of manufactured parts per day/week/month, the speed at which they’re produced and if that speed is correct. As such, users are granted the means to adjust the count of manufactured parts and identify the various issues arising during production cycles in just one click. This, expects JPB Système, will offer invaluable support for those companies seeking to extend their Industry 4.0 capability and optimise OEE performance across production.

A primary characteristic of Keyprod is its fundamental ability to actually create and supply necessary data, which addresses and overcomes a common problem faced by manufacturers who sometimes lack the useful data or means to retrieve it. Additionally, unlike the case with some similar less versatile devices on the market that are only compatible with more recently developed machines, the solution can be up and running quickly and easily without the need for cables or wiring across older, less sophisticated production equipment.


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