Efficiency on the shop floor Inventory management system: Tooling Intelligence introduces new Smart Drawer+

Source: Tooling Intelligence

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Tooling Intelligence has now introduced its latest inventory management system, the Smart Drawer+. The new system has evolved from the Smart Drawer with its intuitive touchscreen control, safe and secure construction and user-friendly dispensing.

The Tooling Intelligence portfolio
The Tooling Intelligence portfolio
(Source: Tooling Intelligence)

The new Smart Drawer+ from Tooling Intelligence has been developed to meet the ever-expanding requirements of a broad range of industry sectors, with weight-based vending, in-compartment charging, ticket printing, enhanced security and customised lighting all available.

Building on the adaptability of Smart Drawer, the new Smart Drawer+ includes a multitude of features that make it an ideal inventory management solution for any industrial environment. Offering further enhancement to Supply Pro’s excellent serialised & calibrated asset management features, Smart Drawer+ includes in-compartment charging, with power sockets built-in to the locked compartments to allow the controlled recharging of assets such as laptops, tablets, batteries, power tools and testing equipment. Furthermore, network-enabled pockets allow businesses to implement critical security updates or send important software and data to devices — all whilst being securely stored.


The new Smart Drawer+ offers an extra level of control with its reliable weight-based vending. With weight-based vending, the Smart Drawer+ gives the customer 100 percent control over the movement of inventory in and out of the Smart Drawer+, whilst eliminating the need for users and administrators to spend time counting parts in and out of stock. The user simply takes what they need and Smart Drawer+ reports the activity instantly, and with complete accuracy.

Complementing these enhancements are a further range of options including ticket printing, electronic cabinet-locking and LED lighting display. The ticket printer can be customised to provide an instant transaction receipt, a pick-list history, collection instructions and much more. With electronic cabinet locking, Smart Drawer+ delivers the ultimate level of security where it is required, as the cabinet drawers are securely locked until a valid user login is presented. When the user logs out, Smart Drawer+ is automatically locked down for complete security. And to further enhance Supply Pro’s pick-to-light technology, Smart Drawer+ offers customisable integrated LED lighting, for the peak of functionality and cutting-edge aesthetics.

Smart Drawer+ is supported around the clock with proactive device monitoring, technical support and expert advice. The inventory management system also incorporates all of the latest Industry 4.0 technology that has been built into the user-friendly interface to make shop floor utilisation a truly failproof operation.


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