Metalworking Coolants Cutting fluids as a lubricant for longer tool life

Editor: MA Alexander Stark

UK — As an engineering solutions company, A&M EDM is striving to enhance its operations and capabilities to maximise its service to clients in the aerospace, motorsport, automotive, marine, medical, rail, defence and general subcontract sectors. To achieve this, the West Midlands company has invested in technology from 3, 4 and 5-axis machine tools, EDM wire and spark erosion and laser welding through to temperature-controlled metrology department.

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According to the customer, the fluid is very good when cutting different types of material.
According to the customer, the fluid is very good when cutting different types of material.
(Source: Rocol)

In order to get the best out of its machine tools and cutting tools, A&M EDM worked with MSC Industrial Supply to instigate a change of cutting fluid supply, the result was a relationship with the cutting fluid experts at Rocol.

Like many subcontract manufacturers, A&M EDM machines a variety of materials that include stainless steel, mild steel, aluminium, inconel, titanium and exotics with a variety of production demands from bespoke one-offs and short runs through to longer run batches for its customers. This variety of materials poses a challenge for any cutting fluid supplier, but Rocol recommended its Ultracut EVO 255 metalworking coolant, an extreme pressure (EP) soluble oil-water mix cutting fluid that replaced the previous coolant. Rocol and MSC recommended this product as it is not only versatile and suitable for a wide variety of machining applications and materials, but it would also deliver significant saving in the volume of coolant required.


Rocol analysed A&M EDM’s coolant consumption, accounting for the materials and applications while taking samples from active machining operations. The tests at their laboratory delivered a comprehensive report on the current fluid product, with details such as the wear ratio, dilution and consumption. The analysis concluded that coolant usage was much higher than it should be and that A&M EDM needed a versatile, high-performance coolant that would deliver consistent usage and quality results on a range of different materials.

The Rocol Ultracut EVO range of water-soluble cutting fluids are resistant to degradation and contain no biocides or skin sensitisers. These attributes demonstrate low foaming qualities and reject tramp oil as well to provide excellent cutting performance and residual corrosion protection.

The analysis showed that with the Rocol Ultracut EVO 255 solution dilution levels improved from 19:1 to 40:1, reducing A&M EDM’s consumption from 41,000 litres per annum to 20,048 litres per annum. The reduced consumption rate outweighed the increased cost per unit, resulting in a cost saving of £ 16,900 (approx. € 19.799)per year.

Ultracut EVO 255 is formulated to give a long and predictable sump life and provides extra performance in medium and severe cutting operations on a wide variety of ferrous and non-ferrous materials.n addition to providing the coolant solution, MSC works with Rocol to deliver specialist and ongoing maintenance and support to A&M EDM, which covers a range of services and periodic analysis to further reduce fluid consumption, extend tool life and reduce downtime. This is to help the company ensure the product continues to perform to its optimum level, no matter what materials are machined.

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