Slide Systems No greasing needed: Self-lubricating slide guide rails

Source: Press release

As a useful addition to its slide system portfolio, Knarr has standardised maintenance-free, self-lubricating slide rails. Embedded graphite inserts provide lubrication during operation. This creates a lubricating film between the slide and the guide rail, which makes additional greasing superfluous.

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Knarr hat sein Sortiment um selbstschmierende Schieberleisten ergänzt.
Knarr hat sein Sortiment um selbstschmierende Schieberleisten ergänzt.
(Source: Knarr)

The lateral guide rails, gliding and retaining rails from Knarr are made of cold work steel 1.2842, centred and T-shaped guide rails are made of material 1.2379. Both materials ensure typical properties such as high wear resistance and good dimensional stability. The rails are hardened to ~ 58 HRC. A standard DLC coating provides optimal gliding and dry running properties. Radial lubrication grooves facilitate additional lubrication. All standard rails allow individual shortening to the required finished size. The alternative hole distances of 25 and 50 mm is a convenient option in this context. The slide rails are manufactured with a grinding allowance for the exact alignment of slide and guide rail.

The centred guide rails are particularly suitable for complex and large slide constructions and guarantee precise slide guidance despite thermal expansion. Another interesting option are space-saving T-bars that do not require any lateral retaining rails.

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