Tapping into the future - or is thread milling a versatile alternative?

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Global industry has widely accepted thread milling as a preferred option

Despite the growth of thread milling, the traditional tapping method has important advantages (ease of operation, minimizing the work of a machinist, etc.), which explain its continuing widespread use. However, the global industry has so widely accepted thread milling as a preferred option that it is simply impossible to imagine manufacturing without mills that make threads.

In response to the growing trend, the world’s cutting tool producers now offer the customer a wide choice of different thread mills. As a leading manufacturer of cutting tools and an acknowledged expert in this area, ISCAR has developed a wide range of advanced thread milling products, including indexable and solid carbide tools.


An indexable tool that carries replaceable carbide inserts may have a design configuration such as a mill with shank or a shell mill with a central bore for mounting on an arbor. The main advantage of indexable tools is their great versatility. By changing the inserts, the tool can turn into a cutter for milling external or internal threads which meet the requirements of different standards. Moreover, this process may enable users to find a more effective cutting geometry depending on the material of a machined workpiece. Each of these tools has internal channels to enable the delivery of an effective coolant supply into the cutting zone. One solution is to use helical threading inserts in MTSRH indexable tools.

The helical cutting edge of the inserts, as in solid carbide endmills, ensures an easy and light cutting action, significantly improving the performance of the tool. In addition, inserts with smooth helical cutting edges can be mounted onto the tools. Therefore, the MTSRH tools may also be applied to the finish milling of square shoulder, and as a result, they can successfully compete with 90°milling cutters.

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