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Fuzzy Logic has announced on its website the launch of Fuzzy Studio, its industrial robotics programming and simulation software that requires no programming skills. Previously reserved for a select few customers, the software is now available online to a wider audience. It comes with informative documentation and tutorials.

(Source: Fuzzy Logic)

Even people who are not robotics experts can use the no-code software Fuzzy Studio to simulate and programme industrial robots. It is universal, compatible with most brands of robots on the market and allows users to design, programme and simulate their own robotic cell. With the increasing use of robotics in Europe as a means of relocating production, Fuzzy Studio now offers an easy-to-use and low-risk solution for such an investment.

Fuzzy Studio is available with two different licensing options: The Fuzzy Studio Simulation licence allows users who are not robotics experts to create and preview a robot cell in a simulated environment. The Fuzzy Studio Production licence, on the other hand, provides all the tools needed to integrate and operate a real robot cell.

The online launch is the culmination of two years of development of Fuzzy Studio based on deployment in production with existing customers. Fuzzy Studio is now ready to be made available to a wider audience.

making robot automation affordable for applications where it was previously considered impossible."

Instant access to an interactive digital twin robot cell

Solutions for creating robot cells today are often complex. Fuzzy Studio makes this process incredibly simple and accessible to all. The software offers a comprehensive library of robots and is highly compatible with 3D digital design (CAD) formats. With this software, creating an interactive virtual cell is done in a way that is intuitive and simple, even for robotics novices. It offers anyone the ability to create, programme and simulate a robotic workcell for a fully functional real-time digital twin.

Optimise the cell with just a few clicks

Fuzzy Studio includes a collision detection function that allows the cell size to be determined instantly. The positions of objects are configured and displayed within minutes, and potential collision points between parts of the digital twin are predicted. With just a few clicks, any object can be easily reconfigured. When the positioning of an object is modified, the trajectories associated with that object are updated accordingly. The interactions are dynamic and the feasibility of the robot trajectories is immediately displayed.

Automatic trajectory creation without programming

Robot trajectories require time-consuming and complex programming by a robotics expert. With Fuzzy Studio, these complex trajectories are automatically generated with just a few clicks using 3D information from objects placed on the digital twin. Whether on the outline of a part for deburring or its surface for sanding and grinding, the possibilities are limitless and accessible to everyone. An unlimited number of waypoints can be added to the trajectories. This feature saves users a great deal of time, as they are no longer dependent on robot experts thanks to trajectory creation.

With Fuzzy Studio, the basic specifications of a project can be validated within a few minutes, not after several weeks – and at a lower cost. The information to determine the robot cell size is displayed for easier decision making before moving to real-time control. Parameters can be quickly modified in the simulation, reducing the investment risks of robot projects. These advantages are unique in the market and allow a drastic reduction of the investment risk. All these functions are included in the Fuzzy Studio Simulation licence. The real-time execution of robot trajectories closes the gap between theory and practice.

The Fuzzy Studio Production licence includes the functions of the Simulation licence and additionally provides a connection to the robot for real-time control. With this control, all hypotheses formulated in the simulated cell are validated, including trajectories, deployment and collisions in the real world. Thanks to the fast simulation, the risk of error is virtually zero. If a problem is detected, it can be quickly fixed directly in the simulation.

The Fuzzy Studio Production licence includes an I/O input and output module that makes it easy to simulate the behaviour of a PLC in the virtual cell and program it using simple functions such as generating a trajectory or triggering a gripper arm. This feature gives more flexibility to robot programmer architects. Moreover, no special programming skills are required to use the Production licence. By simply clicking a button in the software, a connection can be made in real time to the Fuzzy RTOS software installed in the robot bay, thus controlling the robot in real time.

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