Starrag Rental scheme for Bumotec range announced

Editor: Steffen Donath

It is said to be a way to capitalise on the benefits of multi-tasking, single set-up machining using world-leading machining technologies for the production of complex small to medium-sized parts.

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The Bumotec s181 is included in the rental scheme.
The Bumotec s181 is included in the rental scheme.
(Source: Starrag)

The scheme allows customers to avoid relatively high upfront capital expenditure yet immediately benefit from the machines’ ability to drastically reduce lead times by completing a range of different tasks in a single setting.

As with all machines offered by Starrag UK, the Bumotecs can be configured exactly to suit users’ needs in line with Starrag’s ‘Engineering precisely what you value’ strategy — for dedicated throughput or for smaller batch work and at an affordable monthly rental payment, with an option to purchase at any time.

The scheme applies to the s191 and s181 Bumotec machines which are ideal for users in the medical, watchmaking and jewellery sectors, for example. In one example, the five-axis s181 turn-mill machining centre machined a surgical hook complete from 25 mm titanium bar in under 14 minutes compared with 20 minutes by conventional single-station machining.

Machining on the s181 is based around a two-workstations concept; equipped with five driven tools, the second workstation works on the rear side of one part while the main spindle completes another part. The result is reductions in cycle times, according to Starrag. The machine’s tool breakage detection system encourages optimised uptimes, too.