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After the sky falls, EDM helps find the beauty at the core

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Finding the right wire was key

The shop selected a GF Machining Solutions wire EDM machine. Initially, the company attempted to slice the meteorite with 0.25mm diameter brass wire, but the hard exterior of the rock caused deflection and the wire to break. Better results (albeit slower) were achieved with 0.25mm zinc-coated wire.

In two weeks, the shop had cut the meteorite into 4 slices, and then used the machine to cut the profiles of the prototype bracelet.


The next job involved using spark erosion machines to create intricate cavities and the delicate interlocking mechanism of the bracelet. A total of eight different graphite electrodes (for roughing and finishing) were machined on a GF HSM 300 high-speed milling machine, and the parts were then spark-eroded on a GF die-sink machine.

“After our initial trepidation the machining operations all went well,” Squire said, noting that after making the first bracelet, he decided to invest in further EDM and milling machine tools in order to make the bracelet manufacturing process more robust and reliable. The shop purchased three machines from GF Machining, a new Cut 300ms wire machine, a Form 20 die-sinker and a VCE 800 Pro VMC.

The units, installed at the shop last year, are being put through their paces machining the meteorite.