International Colloquium Plastics Technology

IKV demonstrates current research activities

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Plastics for lightweight construction in the automotive industry

Dr. Jochen Kopp from BMW, for example, will talk about the use of plastics for lightweight construction in the automotive industry. Dr. Heinz Neubert from Siemens will look at the additive manufacturing of plastic parts in a digitised industry, and Günter Hofmann from Werkzeugbau Siegfried Hofmann will speak about additive manufacture in mould construction.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Hopmann, head of IKV, will open the Colloquium with a lecture on Industry 4.0 and strategies for plastics technologies, and look at the topic of additive manufacturing from his point of view as a researcher.

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On the occasion of a recently held press conference, Hopmann and his team opened the doors to give selected journalists an insight into the institute's research activities.

For instance, Julian Heinisch will talk about and present the institute's research activities in "Industry 4.0 in injection moulding" - Increasing production efficiency by taking account of disturbance variables in injection moulding simulation and process control. With the aid of examples, the IKV will demonstrate how the production efficiency of injection moulding can be increased by optimisations that begin at the virtual level and, through self-optimisation, are continued at machine level.