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Developing optimum mould concepts

To meet the high demands of medical and pharmaceutical products, Männer develops an optimum mould concept in terms of precision, stability, cooling and ease of maintenance. The company thus realises moulds with multiple cavities and optimised temperature control for short cycle times and minimum gate mark distances as well as with direct gating using Männer valve gate hot runner technology. For the mould experts, it is important to be able to change mould inserts without any additional adaptation requirement. Bearing this in mind, the company has developed its "Easy Change" technology. This technology calls for maximum precision and repeatability in the production of replacement parts.

Cast structures provide high stability

Amada’s Techster 84 surface and profile grinding machine is said to meet all of Männer’s demands; it weighs as much as 8 tonnes – up to four times more than comparable machines – Amada said. “This, however, suggests that the grinding machine really provides the promised basic accuracy,” Köchlin added. A solid-cast machine bed and a table and column designed as cast structures add to that weight, which reportedly guarantees maximum stability.

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Hand-scraped and ground double V-guides directly mounted on the machine bed offer smooth axis travel without any stick-slip effects. Driven by a special ball screw, the table is precisely guided and positioned in the ground guides, Amada explained. It noted further that the sturdy grinding spindle can withstand even high forces and transfers them to the strong cross member, which is guided by the rugged column. Additionally, the axes of the surface and profile grinding machine are equipped with high-resolution measuring systems of nano precision (0.05μm), making it suitable for face grinding including wear compensation.