German tool and mould makers exceed expectations

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Fighting skills shortage

ETMM: So finding skilled staff is still an issue. What is the VDMA doing to support its members and industry to find qualified professionals and apprentices?

Heseding: Of course, qualified junior staff is a topic that preoccupies not only our sector. The VDMA has different initiatives to fight the skills shortage in the areas of mechanical and electrical engineering. For instance, the Machine House competition is an initiative for successful students, motivating universities to develop and implement ideas to continue their efforts to enhance the quality of education and academic success. A different initiative is our new apprentice campaign, where current apprentices help to recruit new trainees and apprentices. VDMA’s talentmaschine.de serves as a perfect information platform for internship, apprenticeship and integrated degree programs. The “MEX-Bildung 4.0” at the upcoming Moulding-Expo will also be exciting.

ETMM: Can you explain this concept a bit further?

Heseding: All four partner associations [VDMA, VDW, MF and VDWF] have contributed with a great deal of commitment in order to drive training in tool, pattern and mould making. Visitors can interact, gain information and enjoy exciting entertainment relating to the training professions in this sector. Companies, institutions and initiatives present a new view of the current professional fields and qualifications of this future industry.


ETMM: What do you expect from the inaugural Moulding-Expo, which will be staged in Stuttgart, Germany, from 5 to 8 May 2015?

Heseding: As a supporting partner organisation we expect the show to be not only the place to be for tool and mould makers, but also for international customers and decision-makers. Moulding-Expo needs to be an international show, and the high exhibitor numbers indicate that the organisers are on the right track to achieve this goal. The Control show running parallel will generate additional visitor numbers, covering quality management and high-level measuring technology topics.