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Dynamic cavity temperature control requires no water

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Using CO2 is good for the environment, too

The positive environmental effects are also an important benefit: The CO2 used is an extract of by-products from chemical processes, which would normally be emitted directly into the environment. Thanks to a new technique developed by gas supplier Linde, technology firm Iserlohner Kunststoff-Technologie and gwk, however, it is refined and thus becomes suitable for the dynamic temperature control of narrow and otherwise inaccessible mould sections as well as complex part geometries.

Next up: Waterless injection moulds in the clean room

In contrast to all other techniques, this temperature control method does not put any requirements on the cooling system, neither in terms of temperature, pressure, volumetric flow rates or water quality. Thanks to this new technology the operation of water-free injection moulds in clean-room production is now within reach.