MEX/ Siemens Wrist app provides information anytime

Author / Editor: Reinhold Schäfer / Briggette Jaya

Obtaining information about problems in production belatedly will soon be a thing of the past. Depending on the configuration, the app notifier automatically sends important messages directly to the Smartwatch.

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The App Notifier informs you automatically of important plant conditions anytime via your smartwatch.
The App Notifier informs you automatically of important plant conditions anytime via your smartwatch.
(Source: Siemens)

Every minute counts in manufacturing plants these days. Malfunctions must be eliminated immediately, otherwise, just-in-time production will be disrupted. It’s even worse when other machines or systems get affected. Now, this does not need to happen!

Wearables, in this case, smartwatches, is the solution and Siemens has the answer. One gets immediate information with the appropriate app installed and the production staff is alerted of the malfunction. This might sound utopian, however, the product is already available. The intelligence service app for manufacturing is also applicable for smartphones and tablets. Depending on the configuration, one is immediately informed about important messages pertaining to one's system, promises Siemens. Better yet, the Simatic Notifier is available with immediate effect. Siemens has more apps to complement its automation products, which can be downloaded directly to a mobile device:

  • Simatic Win CC Smartclient enables mobile remote control and monitoring of Simatic HMI systems via WLAN or VPN connection.
  • Simatic Energy Manager allows for the manual recording of automatic values that were not possible to record in the past.
  • Simatic S7 connects the smartphone or table to the web server of the controller both easily and securely.
  • The Logo! Apps: Logo! 0BA7 and Logo! 0BA8 connect and enable the monitoring and operating of variables via configurable elements.
  • Mobile App Simatic Win CC OA UI monitors and controls a plant using a smartphone or tablet.

At Moulding Expo, the Siemens booth is in Hall 3, Booth A31. Check out the Simatic Notifier there!