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The TCT Conference is one of the most awaited sessions at the Formnext trade fair. It is here that industry players get a 360-degree view of the revolutionary additive manufacturing technology.

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The TCT Conference will welcome top notch industry speakers to share their views and experiences of working with the additive manufacturing technology.
The TCT Conference will welcome top notch industry speakers to share their views and experiences of working with the additive manufacturing technology.
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One of Formnext’s most popular sessions is the TCT Conference. Expected to kick start on 13 November 2018 in Frankfurt, Germany, the four day event will welcome top industry speakers to share their views and experiences of working with the additive manufacturing (AM) technology. Right from developing business strategies to incorporating AM solutions in a factory’s production line through to understanding the industrial challenges of this cutting-edge technology, industry experts bare it all at the TCT conference.

Day one

The first day of the TCT Conference will host two focus segments – “Transport” and “Business for AM”. One keynote speaker for this session is Peter Mischke, Technical Specialist from BMW Group. Mischke will explain the transition of the BMW Group towards 3D-printing operations as well as offer insights into strategic investments and partnerships that helped the company to develop end-use parts and set up AM series production. One more to look out for is Damien Desgaches, R&T Project Manager, Stelia Aerospace, who will highlight the challenges of adopting AM in industrial production including certifications and costs.

Some other big players from the industry who will be presenting on Day one include Martin Bock, Project Lead of Metal Additive Manufacturing, Audi. Bock will offer insights into how the German automobile manufacturer is producing parts with selective laser melting (SLM) at the company’s Metal Additive Manufacturing Center.

Also, Jonathan Wainberg, Senior Managing Director – Global Sales, GE Capital Industrial Finance, will showcase flexible financing models for companies interested in AM without compromising their cash flow. This presentation will prove beneficial for players on making informed business decisions. There will be many more expert speakers presenting at this session.

Day two

The focus on the second day will be on “Healthcare” and “Materials and Processes”. Sam Onukuri, Head of 3D Printing Center, Johnson & Johnson and Gene Kulesha, Senior Director of Advanced Engineering, Onkos Surgical, will be spearheading this session followed by other specialists in the healthcare, materials and processes fields like Thomas Prock, Patent Attorney and Partner and Matts & Clerk who will emphasise on how Medtech manufacturers can adapt quickly to the changes driven by 3D printing in the healthcare industry.

Day three

Day three will explore the topics: “Industrial Challenges” and “New Research and Academia”. The main speakers for this session are Kai-Uwe Mietzner, Head of Business Support - Siemens Mobility Services, Siemens Mobility and Todd Grimm, Founder and President, T. A. Grimm & Associates. Following these presentations will be other experts with detailed presentations on diverse subjects such as “The Integration of AR/VR and Robotics into AM Series Production”, “AM-able - Support for European SME's in the Uptake of Additive Manufacturing”, “The Future Start-Ups and Innovations in the AM Value Chain” and more.

Day four

The TCT Conference will conclude with the topics “Post Processing” and “Design”. Keynote speakers for this segment include Ilan Blaus, Director and Global Additive Manufacturing Lead, Flex, Pascal Hien, Designer, Steelcase and Moritz Dörstelmann, Managing Partner, FibR. Blaus will explore how AM is having a significant impact on every step of the value chain and how it is transforming the way products are designed, manufactured and distributed. Hien and Dörstelmann will examine a collaborative project to understand the impact of AM on interior spaces and furniture. The session will also discuss the use of robotic filament-winding technology and how it enabled 3D free winding of carbon fibres in mid-air.

To know more about the different speakers presenting at the TCT Conference, log onto the TCT conference website.

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