Pharma Awards Winners of Pharmapack Europe 2018 announced

Editor: Ahlam Rais

Paris/France – At the recent Pharmapack Europe fair, Biocorp, West Pharmaceutical Services and SFM Medical Devices were presented awards in the Exhibitor Innovation category while UCB Pharma, GSK Consumer Health and Laboratoires Virbac won in the Health Products category.

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Six winners were awarded across the two categories – ‘Exhibitor Innovation’ and ‘Health Products’.
Six winners were awarded across the two categories – ‘Exhibitor Innovation’ and ‘Health Products’.
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At the event dedicated to pharmaceutical packaging and drug delivery, six winners were selected for their outstanding entries for the categories, Exhibitor Innovation and Health Products at the much celebrated 2018 Pharmapack Awards.

In the Exhibitor Innovation category, Biocorp, West Pharmaceutical Services and SFM Medical Devices were chosen for excellence in “Patient safety and convenience”, “Ease-of-use and patient compliance” and “Patient centricity and customisation” respectively. However, because of the sheer breadth of innovations within this category, the judges felt compelled to commend a list of “Top 10 Innovators”.

Biocorp received the award for its Onejet, the first motor-driven disposable auto injector, compatible with standard primary containers (PFS from 1 ml to 2.25 ml), designed to easily deliver high viscosity products.

West Pharmaceutical Services’ win was its Self Dose Patient-Controlled Injector, a simple two-step operation, designed to make administration for patients far easier with dexterity challenges. The patient only has to remove the cap and press against the skin to deliver a subcutaneous injection, and audible and visual end-of-dose indicators confirm successful administration of a prescribed dose.

SFM Medical Devices' award was bestowed for the company's Nextaro, which is the quality benchmark for reconstitution of lyophilised pharmaceutical components. The product utilises a patented screw system and optimises handling through the use of two plastic components. This construction means it is especially suitable for people with physical disabilities.

In the Health Product category, the three winners were: UCB Pharma, GSK Consumer Health and Laboratoires Virbac.

The Cimzia Pack of 2 Auto Clicks Prefilled Pens by UCB Pharma was recognised for its ability in patient compliance with a packaging system that puts rheumatoid arthritis patients and others with hand dexterity issues at the forefront. The pen has a button-free delivery system and a wide non-slip grip, with new elements that help improve patient compliance including a large-viewing window and a clicking sound at the start and end of a full dose injection.

GSK Consumer Health’s Voltaren “No Mess” applicator was distinguished as a winner for its improvements in patient hygiene and adherence. The packaging enables consumers to directly apply the pain-relief gel without having to touch it, which is both more practical and hygienic as consumers do not have to wash their hands post-application.

Laboratoires Virbac was awarded for its unique and innovative All in One Contactless Multidose Delivery Cap, said to be the only ‘all-in-one’ solution for the application of liquid products for both the animal and human health markets.

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