Machine-Works What is in store in Version 8.0 from Machine-Works?

Editor: Briggette Jaya

CAD – At EMO, UK-based Machine-Works will display new features of the company’s CNC simulation and verification component software, Machine-Works, as well as those of Polygonia, its solid modelling software toolkit for processing polygon mesh.

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Users can analyse cut surfaces and detect their features with 8.0.
Users can analyse cut surfaces and detect their features with 8.0.
(Source: MachineWorks)

The company says its Machine-Works' new surface and feature detection allows users to analyse cut surfaces and detect their features, which saves time when creating CAD data from polygonal data or generating a toolpath. Users can find generic geometrical features like cylinders or spheres or look for machined features such as drilled holes.

Also new is the sheet-bending functionality that allows for the optimisation of collision-checking results and performance, the company notes.

The collision detection feature now has more automation, enabling significant performance improvements on the collision inference. A simulation restore feature allows for ‘snapshots’ of a solid, for example, the stock, during simulation and quickly reverts to them at will.

The new version offers customers APIs to perform a cloud-based simulation, supporting both client and server-side renderings of simulation in real time as standard. A new client-side library introduces an API to handle the client side of the communications as well.

Furthermore, the new release allows for users to generate a 3D recording of a simulation that can be used to create movie files.