Schunk / AMB Well-armed clamping technology for the smart factory

Editor: Briggette Jaya

At AMB, Schunk will showcase clamping devices and grippers for monitoring clamping forces, temperature and vibration characteristics in real time.

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The Vero-S-NSE3 quick-change pallet module now has a newly introduced, standard, dynamic pressure monitoring.
The Vero-S-NSE3 quick-change pallet module now has a newly introduced, standard, dynamic pressure monitoring.
(Source: Schunk)

According to the Germany-based Schunk, gripping systems and clamping devices will take a central role in achieving the smart factory in future. "They enable efficient flexibilisation as well as process monitoring and optimisation closest to the part," Schunk CEO Henrik A. Schunk asserts. Looking ahead, sensitivity, connectivity and a high degree of functional integration will become key factors in this area.


Schunk's compact, electrically-actuated Vero-S NSE-E mini 90 quick-change pallet module positions and clamps workpieces, components and pallets in less than one second at a repeat accuracy of < 0.005 mm, Schunk claims. With 24-V technology and optional, clamping-slide position monitoring, the fluid-free module is suitable for use in manufacturing environments as well as for applications in assembly processes, on measuring devices and in 3D printing where parts require precise clamping.

The company says it has enhanced its top seller, the Vero-S NSE quick-change pallet module. Last year, the pull-down force and rigidity of the Vero-S NSE3 was optimised. Schunk also introduced standard, dynamic-pressure monitoring and an optional spring-actuated cone seal, which automatically locks the module's changing interface as soon as the clamping pin is lifted.

The company has also announced that it will present a special module for automated machine loading and a sensory quick-change pallet module at AMB. Its Tandem KSE intelligent clamping force block, in turn, enables fully automatic monitoring of the clamping path, clamping force, internal temperature and the number of cycles. In addition, the position of the chuck jaws can be individually adjusted to the respective workpiece.

As for parts handling in the smart factory, the company's EGL parallel gripper can be employed, which has been further developed as the cutting-edge technology for smart gripping. The gripper detects faulty components without additional external sensors and determines whether they should be ejected from the process, Schunk explains. Networking several intelligent grippers within a process chain makes it is possible to detect changes in the process.

At the metalworking show, the company will be in Hall 1, Booth H20.

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