“We have had a great and very successful start”

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Are there new exhibitors that impressed you after the first Moulding Expo?

Schmitz: We definitely feel that many companies that were at the 2015 Moulding Expo for the first time thought that the fair was good and are now also here for the second one. In particular, the proportion of toolmakers, model and mould makers has increased again. It is currently about 50% of the exhibiting companies. That speaks for itself. For the first time, there will also be a sponsored joint stand of the BMWi for young innovative companies from Germany. We will also be able to host joint stands with new exhibitors from Slovenia, Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands for the first time.

Additional Information
Scholarship for an advanced training course

Structural change is a constant challenge for manufacturers of tools, patterns and moulds. Thanks to its innovative dynamism, the industry is producing more and more new products using increasingly more complex technologies. Continuous advanced training is an obligation for technicians and engineers in order to keep up with the permanently increasing demands. During Moulding Expo from 30 May to 2 June 2017, Messe Stuttgart will not only provide an extensive overview of teaching and study programmes, it will also be directly involved in advanced training of young people in the industry.

This takes the form of a unique offer: Landesmesse Stuttgart is awarding a continuous scholarship for an in-service advanced training course as a Project Manager (FH) for Tool Construction and Mould Making. Effective from the 2017/2018 winter semester, one student each will receive advanced training in the corresponding cycle for two semesters at Schmalkalden University. Messe Stuttgart will pay the costs, amounting to around €5,000.

What support is provided by professional associations, by which ones and in what form?

Niethammer: The success of the Moulding Expo has many fathers. In addition to the strong commitment of our German partner associations BVMF, VDMA, VDW and VDWF, who have been with us from the beginning, the close co-operation with ISTMA has also given us tailwind in the past year. In the World Federation, there are at least 19 associations and over 8,000 companies from all over the world. We have represented the Moulding Expo in the most important European toolmaking hubs and have succeeded in inspiring many regional associations and their companies.

Is there is something that you have managed to achieve that you and your team are particularly proud of?

Schmitz: In the last few weeks the thing that we hardly dared to dream of happened: We broke the 700-exhibitor mark and thus occupy one hall more than we did in 2015. We are obviously very happy about this and it also makes us a little proud. It is much more important to us, however, that we really feel that we have arrived in the industry, and are regarded as a reliable partner of the industry. Working in such an environment is a lot of fun!

What are the organisers of other similar events saying about the successful newcomer? Or do they not say much?

Niethammer: From the beginning, we were committed to creating the Moulding Expo according to the principle “with the industry, for the industry” and to make tool, model and mould making the central focus of the trade fair concept. We will maintain our commitment to this and do not want to hear how other trade fair organisers rate the Moulding Expo. It is much more important for us to implement the points that arise in advisory board meetings systematically and sustainably, even with a view to future events.