Synova Water-and-laser processing technology is embedded in machine tool platform

Editor: Eric Culp

Having earlier established a cooperation for common application development with the Japanese machine tool manufacturer Makino, the Swiss specialist Synova S.A. has entered into an OEM agreement with the company for the manufacture of Laser MicroJet® (LMJ) water-guided laser machines based on Makino machine technology. Target customers for the new LMJ machines are companies engaged in high-precision metal and hard-material processing and manufacturers of hard-material tooling.

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LMJ technology involves a water-guided laser beam cutting or drilling perfectly parallel and clean kerfs or holes with virtually no heat impact. As a consequence, production can be carried out with lower rates of waste, operational steps can be eliminated, and certain parts can be produced at quality levels not possible with any other manufacturing process. LMJ technology offers the advantage of a substantially lower total cost of ownership in material processing.

The manufacturing partnership brings together Synova’s process application know-how and Makino’s high competence in the manufacture of industrial machinery. A first prototype of the LMJ machine has already been built, and a beta prototype is coming soon. The new machine, built by Makino and sold by Synova under its own brand, is now available to be ordered.

Synova S.A.

Ecublens-Lausanne, Switzerland

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